Covid-19 compliant training

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, safety measures have been implemented by the CDC and other governing bodies, until an unknown future date. This includes 1 to 1 ratio practice with gloves, hand sanitizer and masks, which means no face to face practice with a training partner in close proximity (as is common). No mouth to mouth practice (if typically required for the specific course). Students are spaced out at a minimum of 6 feet from other students. Zoom (distance learning) training may be offered, depending on course type and requirements.

Zoom-based training

Some courses can be provided through the Zoom training option. Courses that do not require written test compliance. The equipment that is needed for the training (ie: Manikins, Epi-Pen trainers) are dropped off in advance to the student. The training is provided with the instructor supervising and offering encouragement and correction over the Zoom portal. This can be offered for individuals, we well as groups. Contact us for more info.


to book a class please contact us here first  

"The Enos CPR Services CPR/AED and First Aid training program is simple, easy to follow and fun."

"Working with Shannen is a pleasure. ACCO has worked with her for the last 5 years. She is dependable, flexible, and very responsive. Our employees enjoy her classes and only have good things to say. She is organized, quick to deliver records, and helpful with reminders when certifications are about to expire. She is great at what she does! "

Seana Bolenbaugh  
//  ACCO Engineered Systems

"The Enos CPR Services CPR/AED and First Aid training program is simple, easy to follow and fun. Shannen has a great way of including personal experiences as examples, which really helps our employees retain the information she is providing. We’ve been using Shannen’s services for over 10 years, and look forward to an ongoing relationship. "

Sarah J. Swearengin

"Shannen delivered many quality hours of instruction to our deputy sheriffs. She was informative and current when teaching and kept our attention with her style and charm. "

Eric Thomson, Sergeant
// Sonoma County Sheriff

"Thank you SOOO much for the awesome ACLS training, you made it so fun and relaxing….it really reduced our stress levels! You are the BEST! See you in two years!"

Julie and Beverly
// Methodist Hospital L&D

"As part of our ongoing Emergency Preparedness Plan, Shannen has provided excellent classes on CPR, AED and First Aid Training to our employees. She is a great instructor, and everyone who takes her class walks away with more comfort in knowing that they had great basic training. Her style of teaching, being very interactive with the attendees, and her hands on training was a plus. I highly recommend Shannen, and Enos CPR Services, to teach her classes to your company. We like to our company and employees to be prepared and not paranoid in emergency situations. "

Nancy Moock
// Birkenstock USA, LP.

"Thank you for dedicating time after your long day of classes to training me and my classmates. Thank you for sharing your skills, talent, and HUMOR with us! It was a fab session!"

Annemarie Stone
// UCSF NP Candidate

Sarah J. Swearengin  //  Rains Lucia Stern St.Phalle & Silver, PC

ENOS CPR instructors specialize in teaching in a fun and relaxing environment.

These are the people that remind me WHY I do what I do. Meet Wendy, pictured center back.

In October 2014, Wendy saved a family friend who was only 5yrs old. He drowned at a birthday party surrounded by more than 20 adults - she was the ONLY one who pulled him out, and then started CPR. 

And guess what?! She hadn't had a CPR class in over 10 years!

She is true proof that anyone can do this and when life is on the line, just do your best and trust yourself! 

For this photo, Wendy, Janet (the boy's mother) and other parents who were at the pool party came together to all learn CPR - and support both of the moms that had the experience of a lifetime.

I feel so proud all the way around! 
  - Shannen 

"Shannen has trained our employees at the Costco Distribution Center in Northern California for years, and she is a joy to work with! Communication always comes with a quick response, and she works with our very early morning hours for training. Shannen keeps the classes running smoothly, is interactive and makes the learning process easy. That is why we continue to call her back whenever we need to have more training done in CPR, 1st Aid, and AED."

Sandy Dennington
// Costco Wholesale

"If and when an employee, customer, or guest unfortunately needs medical assistance, your own staff may be the first responders until authorized medical professionals arrive. That is why we took the step of training our management team to do just that. I’m very pleased to recommend Shannen with Enos CPR Services, as a fun but important service that may save lives. Shannen is a wonderful proponent and expert in the field. We have had nothing but positive feedback as a result. "

Paul Gordon
// Ark Las Vegas Restaurant Corp.

"I highly recommend Enos CPR, and especially Shannen - she is the real deal!"

Danny Ruelas  //  KDR Pet Treats

I was part of something very special last night.  The woman in red in this photo was saved by this couple (her best friends) using CPR ... CPR that they had recently learned from me.

They invited me to attend a celebration for her - 30 of their friends and neighbors wanted to learn CPR because of their experience.

I was SO proud of this couple!

Remember ... ANYONE can save a life. The only one who has a chance to live is the one YOU give that chance to!

  - Shannen 

"I am so glad I was included in your CPR training at our school. It was the most informative and least stressful class I have ever taken. So grateful you took the time to come to our site. Looking forward to 2 years, when you will hopefully return to certify us again!"

Janice Smith
// Jefferson School District

"I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for working with us! Your patience and accommodations in our training process have been truly appreciated. We don’t ever get this level of good feedback. Outstanding job! I have been approached personally by so many deputies to thank me for hiring you for the POST training. Thank you!"

Robert Giordano
// Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

"Best CPR class I have ever done! Shannen made things interactive and fun, I highly recommend Enos CPR!"

Antoine Hardaway  //  UFC Gym, Huntington Beach

Good Samaritan Laws

When an emergency happens, a Good Samaritan is a person who voluntarily tries to help, without expectation or compensation. Good Samaritan Laws are intended to protect those who offer assistance of any type from being held liable if their actions end up causing unintended harm, or the outcome is poor.

Without laws to protect people trying to help when a sudden emergency occurs, many would walk away, for fear of being sued (or worse). In many emergencies, a delay can mean the difference between life and death. Good Samaritan Laws are intended to encourage people to help each other in emergency situations, before EMS arrives, but also to act responsibly whenever doing so.

Texas Opioid Training Initiative (

Model Expanded Access to Emergency Opioid Antagonists Act | LAPPA

White House Releases State Model Law to Help Make Access to Naloxone Consistent Across the Country | ONDCP | The White House

In an effort to save lives, states have implemented laws to make it easier for first responders and the general public to obtain naloxone. Additionally, to encourage people to assist an individual who is or may be suffering an overdose, the majority of states also enacted laws which protect laypeople who administer naloxone, in good faith, in an emergency from civil and/or criminal liability 1. As of August 2020, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have some form of a naloxone access law. The laws vary significantly by state. The Legislative Analysis and Public Policy Association (LAPPA) has undertaken an extensive research project to determine the current status of naloxone access laws throughout the United States, including the District of Columbia and all U.S. territories.

Good Samaritan Law in Texas

Texas protects its citizens through The Texas Good Samaritan Act.

The Act states: “a person who in good faith administers emergency care at the scene of an emergency or in a hospital is not liable in civil damages for an act performed during the emergency unless the act is willfully or wantonly negligent.”
This means is that if a person stops and renders aid in an emergency voluntarily (when there is no legal duty to do so), this “Good Samaritan” can’t be sued unless he or she was flagrantly negligent.
The Act offers significant protection to aid injured individuals in emergency, thereby encouraging citizens to attempt to care and protect one another from further injury by allowing them to make reasonable decisions in the moment on behalf of a victim (who may not be conscious, etc).

There are certain individuals the Act does not protect.
  1. Anyone who expects remuneration;
  2. Anyone who was at the scene of an emergency because they were soliciting business or a type of service;
  3. Anyone who regularly administers care professionally, such as individuals working in a hospital or ER; or
  4. An admitting or treating physician associated by the admitting physician of a patient bringing in a health-care liability claim.

Thereby, individuals who expect to be paid, and some other medical professionals are not protected by the Act.